How do you transition between two flooring types?

How do you transition between two flooring types?

Transitioning between two different types of flooring is simply the act of connecting them in such a way as to create a cohesive appearance and functionality. A more secure seam creates a safer transition and reduces the damage and wear of constant traffic.

Depending on the flooring types you need to connect, it might seem like a challenge, but there is a perfect option for each material. Read along now for more information.

Transitions when your floors need them

One of the most common types of transitions is the simple flat metal, usually used between two kinds of products. For example, a beveled bar can offer a perfect seam between products line luxury vinyl and low-pile carpet for both protection and appearance.

Flooring end caps are most often used between carpeted floors and hardwood surfaces but can be used around fireplace hearths and stair railings as well. T-molding can be used between two types of hard surface flooring, especially when one or both is a floating installation, to help eliminate gaps or cupping that could occur, especially in large spaces.

Offset T-molding is a perfect option for differences between floors of different heights. Be sure to ask about your specific products and the transitions that will work best for them.

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