What to know about luxury vinyl flooring and acclimation

What to know about luxury vinyl flooring and acclimation

Acclimation is necessary for luxury vinyl tile or plank installations. Do not skip this essential but straightforward pre-installation process.

But it’s waterproof, right?

A product can be waterproof but still be porous. For example, this vinyl material has tiny air holes that aerate, dry or humid.

With humidity, the product expands. Alternatively, when the air is dry, that's what circulates. Either way, the product will lose shape.

Floating floors & acclimation

When a floor floats, the pieces click, mat, and hover over the subfloor without adhesives; this is opposed to glue-down, where the material is permanently affixed.

Luxury vinyl plank or tile is often installed as a floating floor. Unfortunately, the slightest movement can throw it off balance and negatively impact aesthetics and performance.

We know what an extensive investment in flooring can be in your home. So we won't take any chances with your floor!

Enormous value for the decorating dollar

The high-end style is reason enough to want vinyl plank or tile in your home. Clear, vibrant wood, stone, and tile images are all taken with high-definition photography.

Micro beveling and embossing add depth, dimension, and textured looks. To add even more to the realism, it's cut into square, tile-sized pieces, LVT, or long planks, LVP. Oh, and did we mention how affordable it is?

Other benefits include

1. 100% waterproof, whether submerged or spilled on.

2. Durability protects the floor from scratches, scuff, and spills with a top transparent melamine wear layer.

3. Low maintenance, requiring only a regular sweeping and periodic mopping.

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